Cake Decorating Lesson One

I attended my first lesson on my 4 week cake decorating course. This course is to make celebration minature cakes. This first week was learning the required piping skills. I learnt how to make royal icing and piping bags and then practiced piping shells and stars and lines. Not too bad for my first attempt.

Icing shells

I also have been a bit of a swot… at the end of the class she demonstrated sugar roses that we would be doing next week. I couldn’t resist coming home and having a go and the result was not too bad. But I will wait till next week to put up a photo.

So here’s the recipe I used for Royal Icing;

25g meri-white

150ml H2O

1Kg icing sugar

1 tbsp lemon juice

Sieve any lumps from meri-white + beat together with water. Add 3/4 of the icing sugar and beat 4-5 mins. Cover under clingfilm and keep airtight.


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