Sampling local produce

While out in local Skipton town, I decided to go and taste some of the local produce.

Fanitcy Vanilla Cupcake

A lovely individual vanilla cupcake from a beautiful shop call Fanticy.  Not only do they make and decorate cakes but they stock cake decorating equipment and I just love to pop in for a browse. The staff are very friendly and they have helped me out with my novice questions and spent time helping me choose the right tool for the job. This time I sampled one of their cupcakes and it was sooo pretty. I am also happy to report that my basic cupcake recipe is just as yummy (if not more so because I get to eat them at their utmost freshest) and I am confident that I can keep using this recipe reliably to produce my cupcakes. My decorating skills are however not at this level and this is the area I am determined to work on. It just so happens that I am booked in to learn how to decorate cupcakes in one of their cake decorating workshops this coming Tuesday. Can’t wait.


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