Sing a rainbow

I am really taking to this cake decorating lark. I hope to do many cakes, especially birthday cakes for my daughter, over the coming years. Therefore I decided to see what different colours of sugar paste I could achieve from starting with just the 3 primary colours in paste.

I chose Red extra (recommended because you need less in order to get a strong red colour), Melon and Baby Blue. I made my primary colour sugarpaste and then 1:1 mixes of these to get my Rainbow; red, orange, yellow,green,blue, indigo/violet

The basic colour wheel(the purple looked a bit yukky, but as I went on it wasn’t that bad after all).

I started out getting all scientific with it, rolling out my paste and cutting equal sized disks so I could work out exact ratios…

.. but I soon realised this was just stupid and I had better things to do with my time and just pulled bits off around the correct size.

So I did intermediate colours by mixing 1:1 between red and orange, orange and yellow, yellow and green and so on….

I then made lighter variants by mixing 1:1 with some white, then a random amount more white to get the pastel of each colour and voila…

my rainbow!

My Rainbow

So, I dont think that’s a bad range of colours to be able to achieve from 3 sugarpaste colour pots….

Next week I aim to try making some more obscure colours like flesh colour and gold which I have seen some instructions online as to how to achieve them by mixing up basic colours.


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