Be my valentine..

I sent my husband off to work the other morning with a little cupcake with instructions to “cut along the dotted line”.

I had baked a little heart into the centre and using chocolate sprinkles created a doted line right across the centre. However, my lovely 4 month old daughter distracted me at the crucial moment of taking them out of the baking tray and I forgot which way round the little heart was supposed to be.

So it was a game of pot luck;

Cupcake 1; (eaten by me)

a kind of heart filled centre

Cupcake 2; (The one sent with my hubby…)

yay.. I heart you!

Cupcake no. 3 (eaten by me)


cupcake 4; (eaten by hubby) oh well, better luck next time 😦

The fact I got one to work made me happy, if only I had sent that one as my valentine gift.

If you want to know how to make these gems you will find links to the instructions via my pinterest account under tutorials.


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