Macaroons, you will not beat me!!

My first attempt did not go too well… flat macaroons which I turned into a gooey stack with berries and cream.

So I attempted a recipe off the secret tea room this time with a bit more success . I stopped folding the mixture before I thought I should and I think it was the right point to do that.


I still haven’t quite got the colouring right. They take on a light brown colour as soon as they go in the oven. It has been suggested I have the been too hot… anyone got any insight into this problem??? perhaps stronger colouring next time.


I sandwiched them together with some chocolate ganache (OK, OK, I used nutella but don’t tell anyone).

I am not yet convinced by macaroons. They look so pretty (well when other people make them) in all those lovely colours. Taste wise I am not so sure. They are a bit sweet for my liking and I would much rather have a piece of cake. But no doubt I will have another go at some point because I do want to achieve that pretty pastel look.


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