Brilliantly Boozy Bourbon Chocolate Tart

The month the chosen letter for the Alphabakes challenge from @Caroline_makes and @Bakingaddict was B. The challenge is hosted this month by  The more than occasional baker.

I have several ideas which I might try and get made this month. I decided to start with a chocolate tart. A boozy Pecan Crust Bourbon Chocolate Tart. The B ingredient being obviously Bourbon Whiskey.

People are going to think I am a Dan Lepard stalker, but it’s another Dan Lepard recipe… ooh but they are always soooo good. The recipe can be found here.

It involves making a chocolatey pecan pie crust and then filling with a cream/chocolate/bourbon filling  and chilling for several hours before consuming. Hopefully not before driving!

Phwarh it was as I call it.. a Brilliantly Boozy Bourbon tart. A smooth rich chocolate tart. I recommend.

Easter Tea Time Treats

I entered my first entries into Tea Time Treats last month. The Marmite and Red Onion scones and the Almond and Vanilla scones. I was featured in the round up here and here. Yay!

This month the theme is Easter.

So I decided to try out some easter cupcakes with hmmmmmm not as much success as I hoped. I think doing these at 10pm at night was not a help.

I tried some basic vanilla cupcakes and a chocolate buttercream decorated with mini eggs or sugarpaste daffodils. Then I tried some Easter Bunny Bums (!) and some Easter Chick(ens)… or as my husband called them “Mutant terodactyl Chickens”… Indeed.



Bunny Bum!
The Mutant Terodactyl Chickens


So I hereby enter them for the April Tea Time Treats from Lavender and Lovage.