Gone Diving!

I decided to make a novelty birthday cake for a friend this week. He is into diving and so I went with a diving theme and am very pleased with how it turned out. I really enjoyed making it too.

finished cake complete with sand

I made a plain sponge cake that I filled with Raspberry Jam and buttercream (and was pleased that the final iced cake had no hint that it was sliced in half or seam where it was filled so I will definitely fill a cake again).

The fishes etc were modelled out of fondant. I had my first go at brush embroidery to make the waves (which yes, go the wrong way) and piped the bubbles with royal icing.

I finished it off with crushed digestives to make perfect sand. I can’t wait for the next event/birthday where I get the excuse to go to town on another cake.

June Clandestine Cake Club

An amazing line up of cakes was enjoyed by 16 cake lovers (8 bakers + their guests) who attended the Skipton + Yorkshire Dales Clandestine Cake Club this evening…..

Maple Syrup and Pecan (Shona)

Rhubarb custard and Vanilla (Linda)

Apple and Walnut (Linda)

Chocolate and Chilli (Heidi)

Raspberry and White Chocolate (Charlene)

Rhubarb and Mixed Spice (Emma)

Coca Cola Gingerbread with Blue Cheese (Judith)

Carrot and Ginger (me)

We all met up at The Russian Tearooms in Skipton. A lovely venue to enjoy a cup of tea with our cakes. With 150 varieties of tea from which to choose there was something for everyone. The tea is brought with its own little egg timer to ensure the tea is brewed for the correct amount of time to be perfectly enjoyed.

The theme this time was inspired by the venue’s tea menu and was to come up with a winning flavour combination for your cake – which I think was embraced by all the bakers brilliantly.

A big thank you to the staff at the Russian Tearooms (@russiantearooms) who made us feel very welcome.