1st Birthday Cake – In The Night Garden

So my daughters 1st birthday arrived and I wanted to make her my first tiered cake as her Birthday cake. I decided to go with a theme that meant something to her… and she is quite partial to a bit of Upsy Daisy and In The Night Garden from the CBeebies bedtime hour.IMG_6909

And so I began;

For the week before I modeled the characters out of sugarpaste. My first attempt at this really. Upsy Daisy turned out to have put on a few pounds and a minor mishap on assembling the cake left Macca Pakka with a severe facial laceration but they certainly convinced my daughter.

I made chocolate and vanilla sponges for the 2 tiers of the cake and covered them in sugarpaste. I chose to buy in the coloured paste for this one so I wasn’t trying to colour my own. However I used a make of icing I hadn’t used before (not my usual Tesco Regal Ice) and I really struggled. It was much softer than I was used to and cracked as I smoothed it down over the cake. Plus I realised afterwards that the green icing was not meant for covering cakes as it had too many colourings in for straight human consumption (so I instructed people to not eat that layer of icing).

I was quite happy with the outcome though and my daughter loved it.



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