Cake pops


For my Birthday last year I was bought a Cake Pop baking tray. I had always quite fancied having a go at cake pops but the idea of making a cake and then destroying it just seemed wrong. So what an easy solution… I could bake cake balls and have the fun of decorating them without the need to do the whole mushing it up with frosting.

So I had a go….

First make the sponge mix (chocolate in this case) and put it in teaspoons worth into the baking tray and fix on the top half so that it rises into ball shapes. This will take a little practice in getting the right amount that doesnt seep out the sides.





The little cake balls come out as below… I hadn’t quite got the right amount of mixture n to stop it expanding into little saturn like objects – quite cute. I shaved off these little excesses.


I then set up my decorating station. I was going to dip the balls in melted chocolate and cover with sprinkles. I therefore needed somewhere for them to dry.





This was my first attemt and a bit patchy. Plus I need to get experimenting more with chocolate and tempering I think as the following day they dried with white streaks.



Since this I did some toffee apple cake pops which were very successful but I have no photo to share. I made an apple cake mix and then coated them in a toffee sauce. Yummy.


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