Clandestine Cake Club at Cafe 76 – Hidden Fruit and Veg


The latest Clandestine Cake Club arrived with the theme of “Hidden Fruit and Veg”. For this I chose a chocolate courgette cake covered in Chocolate ganache (i’ll go into this in another post).

The cake club was held at Cafe 76 on Skipton highstreet. A lovely little cafe/deli with an upstairs seating area for us to use.

The venue opened up in the evening especially for us and were amazing. Lovely tea and coffee to go with out lovely cakes. At first many of the cakes kept their fruit/veg component secret so we could see if we could guess what the magic ingredient was. It soon became apparent that you cannot tell the vegetable that was used to make the cake! But all the cakes were incredibly moist which I would guess come from the use of the vegetables.

The cakes were all set up along a window table.

IMG_7537copya IMG_7539copy

The Cakes that came were;

Chocolate Courgette Cake (me)

Chocolate, Cherry and Potato

Sultana, Walnut and courgette

Chocolate courgette and pecan

Chocolate beetroot

Carrot cake (made with polenta)

Carrot and orange cake


IMG_7542a IMG_7543a IMG_7544aIMG_7545a


Chocolate featured heavily as did courgette as a vegetable ingredient. All were Yummy! I also had some lovely chats with some lovely friendly people. We had a nice number of around 10 so we could all chat away nicely. Now I have to get on with organising us another get together.


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