Iced buns

I’ve been wanting to try my hand at Iced Buns for a while now. However, in my household I don’t usually do yeast-based baking, that is reserved to my very competent bread-making husband. He does the bread and I do the cakes in our household. So this was a little out of my comfort zone. However, when I spotted that this months Alphabakes challenge was to make a recipe based on the letter “I”, I thought I would give it a shot as it is a sweet bun after all.

I chose the Paul Holywood Great British Bake Off Iced Bun recipe here. I have to confess my husband has made these before and they were FANTASTIC, light and soft just like I remember them… but I didn’t hold the same hope for me to be able to get them as light as 1) as I said I don’t have much success with yeast based baking and 2) I was planning to use the Kenwood dough hook to do the kneeding work for me rather than by hand.

The recipe involved putting everything in and mixing into a sticky dough which was then left to prove for 1hour. They were then shaped into fingers and placed on a baking tray before another 40 minutes rising.


The trick was to get them spaced so that they just touched when they had doubled in size, so that they could be pulled apart to give a soft side. I didnt quite get this right and they came out a little irregular. They only took about 10 minutes to bake and then once cooled drizzled with icing.


I filled them with Jam when ready to eat… only shame was I didnt have cream to fill them with.



And so I will enter these into Alphabakes challenge run by Caroline Makes and Baking Addict.



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