Instant Espresso Cupcakes and Coconut Macaroons

I had a request from my husband to make some of the Espresso Cupcakes for him to take into work with him for a meeting. Also there would be a gluten-free requirement and so I chose to accompany these with some coconut macaroons.

Both of these are Nigella recipes from the How To Be A Domestic Goddess cookbook.

The chocolate cakes were essentially made to Nigellas recipe as in the last post here. This time I had nice new soft muscavado sugar which made them a lot quicker to make. I also when full out with the Instant Espresso making the chocolate covering with added espresso powder too. This made them more intense coffee, but they did leave the chocolate covering drying with a mottled look.

Then I knocked up some easy coconut macaroons. Essentially dessicated coconut, ground almonds folded into whisked egg whites and caster sugar. Then they were drizzeled with melted chocolate.



Now, this is where I get cheeky. I am going to enter them into the Alphabakes March “I” challenge under “Instant Espresso” ingredient. I feel a little cheeky as I entered them under E for Espresso cupcakes last time but this is another bake afterall.

So here they are for Alphabakes challenge hosted by Caroline Makes and The more than occasional baker.



2 thoughts on “Instant Espresso Cupcakes and Coconut Macaroons

  1. I am a coffee addict so when I saw “instant espresso” I had to read! Both the cupcakes and cookies look delish! I actually just got into the baking gig and recently I made peanut butter and jelly cookies (my friend gave me the recipe) and they were to die for! I love coconut and any type of cookies so I’m sure I’ll love coconut macaroons. And, of course the espresso cupcakes since I’m a huge coffee drinker 😉

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