Elderflower Cake and Cake Club


This month’s Clandestine Cake Club was “Your Favourite Tipple”. As a preggers lady I decided to go with my drink of choice at the moment of Elderflower Cordial with a slice of lemon. I chose a Nigella recpie for a Lemon Drizzle cake and adapted it to be an Elderflower Cake. I used lemon zest through it to give a hint of lemon and then after it had baked I pierced the top and poored oodles of Elerflower Cordial to soak in through the cake. Elderflower is quite a subtle taste but I think it tasted quite nice. I meant to do a lemon drizzle icing over the top but in the end I just had to go with a sprinkling of icing sugar and a rustic look. I think it looked a bit dissapointing next to the exciting other cakes at Cake Club but I think it’s simple taste could hold its own.

The cake club was held at a local pub where we had a lovely little area in a side room cordoned off for ourselves. It worked really well. We had 5 cakes and 8 attendees and it was just enough cake to be able to sample decent slices of each without getting sugar rush and overwhelmed.


The attending cakes were;

An Irn Bru cake


My “Rustic” Elderflower cake



A Black Russian cake


A Port-laced cake (cherries laced with port for at least a week!!!!)



and a Chocolate Guiness Cake


All exceedingly yummy.


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