Clandestine Cake Club – Skipton and Yorkshire Dales

so, I’ve decided to jump in and organise a local group of the Clandestine Cake Club. This is a social gathering of people who like to bake, eat and talk about cake. I would direct you to their website but as of tonight and a little appearance on The One Show they’ve been overloaded and crashed. Sadly there’s a few technical things to sort out but I hope theyre up and running in a few days so the cake love can spread and people can book to come to the Skipton event I’ve planned.
So in the meantime the Skipton and Yorkshire Dales Clandestine Cake Club will hold it’s first event “Adventurous Afternoon Tea” on 29th April 2pm and as with the clandestine part of the name the venue gets revealed at a later date. So keep an eye out for the website reopening and I’ll add my own little page for Skipton and Yorkshire Dales Clandestine Cake Club on this blog with contact details for booking.
It’s very exciting as bookings have already come in.