Inaugural Clandestine Cake Club Skipton Meeting

Who fancies some cake…..?

Well I did and I wasn’t disappointed.

The Skipton + Yorkshire Dales branch of the Clandestine Cake Club saw their inaugural meeting kick off at a previously secret location on Sunday 29th April. Intrepid cake fans made their way through rain and wind to bring their cakes to share with one another at Herriots Hotel in Skipton.

The table begins to fill with pristine looking cake…..

Clandestine Cake Club was founded by Lynn Hill in Leeds 15 months ago and has grown and grown to now have over 100 clubs in the UK and overseas.  I decided to start up my very own Skipton and Yorkshire Dales branch after hearing about the club and wanting to bring the club to the Skipton area so I could make and share cake with others.

The overall mission statement of CCC is to bake, eat and talk about cake! Members have to bake and bring a cake to share and they can invite a guest to join them too.

There’s just a few rules; no cupcakes, muffins, brownies, pies or tarts – It’s all about cake! The best bit is you get to take cake home too. Each event has a different theme to give that extra baking challenge and are held in secret locations announced only to those attending shortly before each event.

This first event saw cakes including a classic Victoria Sponge, Lemon and Ginger cake, Chocolate and Lime, Chocolate Orange, Chocolate-Marsala and a hummingbird cake. The theme was Adventurous Afternoon Tea and they all were amazing. I am proud to say I tasted a bit of every one.

getting stuck in…

The rain and wind may have put a few people off but we had a really nice number of people to get chatting to each other and all try a bit of eveyones cakes.

Guests and their cake

We are alway happy to have new members though. The next event is due to be held (at a secret location) on Sunday 10th June. New members are always welcome and can sign up online at

and so we all got stuck in to taking lots of everyone’s cake home with us (well my husband wouldn’t have let me back in the door if I hadn’t)

All in all it turned out well and I was on quite a high afterwards (that might have been all the sugar though). Bring on the next event!


Decorating a cake

Here is how I chose to spend a Friday night recently;

I bought some flower cutters in 3 sizes so I decided to try them out on a cake and I was quite pleased with the finished product.