Chocolate Courgette Cake Covered In Chocolate Ganache

For the latest Clandestine Cake Club meeting the theme was Hidden Fruit and Veg. But which fruit or vegetable to use for this??? I debated finding a sweet potato recipe, but as time was approaching I decided on a vegetable I have used before and enjoyed. A Chocolate Courgette cake was beckoning.


I used a recipe from the BBC Good Food on the internet and that was untested! Chocolate, Hazelnut and Courgette.

You can find the recipe here.

Briefly the cake requires mixing all the dry ingredients in a bowl, mixing the wet ingredients in a bowl (including grated courgette) and then mixing them together. Then baking.

Then for the magic bit… the Ganache. I haven’t done much with ganache before… I’m not sure if I ever have. I had a quick internet look and some say melt the chocolate some say put chocolate into the boiling cream to melt it. I went for the latter and it worked a treat. I was quite please I was able to get a really nice shiny smooth finish.


The cake tasted really nice and the hazelnuts gave a really nice texture.

As this is covered in Chocolate Ganache I can enter this into a baking challenge. Hoorah! So this is entering into the Classic French challenge on Blue Kitchen Bakes