Things I’d like to make…

So, with this blog I set out to improve my cake decorating skills and indeed plan to make cupcakes, cookies and cakes galore that let me do that… But I thought I would also sit down and list some cakes and things I’ve never tried before to give me a bit of focus and variation to my baking. I can’t cover and decorate a full cake every week after all!
So here goes (in no particular order).

1. Macaroons: I’ve never made them and think all the colours look very pretty. I’ve read they are tricky and take practice… So I thought I best get on practicing.

2. Tart au citron : love them. ’nuff said.

3. Rhubarb meringue pie.. As I want to do a lemon tart above and as every year we have a beast of a rhubarb plant I thought a twist on the good old English pud might be nice.

4. Rhubarb recipes (any). As I have mentioned I have the beast and I want to compile a stack of rhubarb recipes to use my lovely harvest (I hope it does well now I’ve said that – but this is Yorkshire and the rhubarb triangle – just abouts).

5. Iced fingers – I don’t generally do yeast-based baking, I haven’t had much luck. But then with my husbands helping hand we made Paul Hollywoods iced fingers which were AMAZING and so I want to recreate these on my own and with my Kenwood (I can’t be getting my hands stuck in with a 5month old kicking about).

6. Battenburg – I’ve made a battenburg before when fundraising for breast cancer care (over on my other blog). I was proud as punch with it, yet it was far from perfect and I want to see if I can do better.

7. Whoopie pie – never had one and not sure what all the hype is about, so best have a try and find out.

8. Cake pops – ditto

9. Baked cheesecake – ooh yummy

10. Fruity frostings – I want to jazz up my basic cupcakes with frostings using natural food colouring of fruit or say champagne!!

11. pecan pie

12. biscotti

13. Apple Kuchen/Cinnamon rolls for breakfast one time

14. A layer cake

15. A marble cake

16. Millionaires’s shortbread

17. This one is quite specific but I have been wanting to do it for AGES… Dan Lepard’s Pecan Crust bourbon Chocolate Tart.

A baking blog just for me

I am a new mum about to embark on a cake decorating course and a mission to improve my baking and cake decorating skills. It is my aim to make great birthday cakes for my daughter, Scarlett. Hopefully she will one day love to join her mum in the kitchen baking fun cakes (or indeed her dad baking bread).

I am going to document the many cakes, cupcakes and cookies I make along the way.